2015 in the books

Hello blog. It’s time for a 2015 recap. Where to start?

Google Inbox classes my life into discreet boxes: Inbox and Done. I figure that’s as good as place to start as anywhere.

The Inbox contains mostly things I’ve pinned for later. Renew the passport. Fix a few bugs.

Done includes Trips, Purchases, Finance, Social, Updates, and Forums.

Trips has Salt Lake City, Chicago, Charlottesville, Houston, San Jose, Phoenix, San Francisco, Virginia Beach, Atlanta, and Richmond. 52 nights at Marriott and a few thousand miles of  middle seat joy. Nothing too earth-shattering.

Purchases is a mess. It’s neatly organized by how Google sees the universe so I get that, but I’m not feeling much reflective value today. Just a lot of Paypal and Amazon and yawn material. Same with Finance.

Social feels like a world I haven’t spent much time in. Headhunter emails, mountain bike group messages, data science and coder meetups, RSVPs. It all seems a distant memory for 2015.

Pinned at the bottom of my Inbox is a favorite quote from Terry Pratchett, immortalized in an XKCD drawing.

How do you measure a year?