24 Hour Sensory Diary (emphasis on visual)

I was awakened by the alarm clock pounding my eardrums. This was the day I would record my sensory perceptions. I zeroed in on the big red digits, seeking to quiet, destroy this interruption. I reached for the ‘Off’ switch and found it by feeling for the parallel ridges engineers had thoughtfully incorporated into its design. The vertical blinds swayed in the breeze, turning familiar shapes of tree and clouds into dissimilar objects. I stepped onto the soft carpeted floor, pulled on some airy running clothes, went to the kitchen, and poured myself a cup of orange juice. The yellow juice in the blue glass tumbler created a stimulating shade of green. I put on my mostly white socks, and then my running shoes. My running shoes are my best friend at such an early hour. They are soft, yet firm –supportive, while seemingly weightless. Together we went out into the bright morning. The sky was infinite blue; I couldn’t get enough of looking up, trying to find the end of blue. A few clouds were low on the horizon, giving me a place to rest my roving pupils. The pines with their boughs laden with clusters of deep green needles formed a quantified contrast against the infinity of the blue sky.

I ran past graffiti on a roadside building. While graffiti is generally repulsive, I couldn’t help but attempt to appreciate this painting from the artist’s perception. It was simple –just one word, but it was apparent by the intricate detail that the artist had spent a considerable amount of time and energy to get the result he/she wanted. There were a few runs, but these were covered over, so as not to be visible to the casual observer. The viewing effect was complete at a distance of approximately twenty feet.

Back in my apartment, I prepared for a shower. I undressed, turned on the water, and watched the flat finish of the bathtub glisten as drops of water hit it and slid down toward the drain. The drops joined others and picked up speed as the surface became wet. I stepped out onto the towel and appreciated the fact that I could step onto the warm texture of fabric rather than cold tile.

I went to the bike rack to get my bike. The overall shape of the parked bikes resembled a sleeping dragon, chained to the earth at a hundred places. I balanced and rode off down the path toward South Campus. The cool air rushed past my eardrums, making a roaring noise as it went. The columnar sculpture outside the DuBois Center was bright in the morning sun. The shadow seemed one with the metal and extended at an angle from the base, gracefully draping itself over the contour of the ground.

In class I could see indistinct forms on the whiteboard from previous lectures. I tried to concentrate on learning about computers, while at the same time going over the lines of the computer and monitor in front of me. I found straight lines, squares and rectangles, and a few circular patterns. The lines were predominately straight, mostly parallel or perpendicular to an edge or border of the computer and monitor. The circular lines represented a feature designed to stand out, such as the on/off button, the logo, and other controls.

I rode back to North Campus on my bike. The planks of the wooden bridge were worn and hollowed out from weather and traffic, and they made a creaking sound as I rode over them. Back at the Hot Spot, I walked around picking up food while taking notice of the signs over various food stations. Viewed collectively they projected the impression of a large food court in an urban center. The tables were split into two rooms making the area appear friendly and welcoming, rather than large and intimidating as it would have been had all the tables been of identical design and the room one huge uninterrupted area. The ceiling is split into various textures: there’s one area that’s black with course stucco, one area that looks like a sky complete with kites hung from above, a place that has many tiny lights, and another with a high ceiling sloping up to meet the top of a large window. The sky effect was almost complete except for the fact that there were shadows above the kites, which is a bit unusual. Whether taken together or separately, it’s a very relaxing place to eat a meal.

After lunch I went back to my apartment and took my books out to the deck to study in the open air. The picnic table benches made a comfortable seat from which to read and type on the computer. I could smell the flowers that grew all around the deck. The sky was still blue, but there were a few wispy, white clouds scattered at random under the blue.

I bought sushi from the Union and took it back to my apartment. The colors of orange, green, and brown harmonized pleasantly when viewed together in an assembled sushi held together with white rice. I joined in the volleyball game until it was too dark to play. The sprinklers came on and played a mini fountain show on the lawn. I went into my room and worked on assignments until bedtime. After a quick shower, I brushed my teeth and went to bed. The sounds around me of the neighbor’s music, lights of nearby construction, and other distractions gradually ceded to the black, peaceful nothingness of sleep.

This was an ART extra credit assignment,