A Good One

I have a long flight ahead of me, so…I might as well spend it writing. There is little else I can do, sitting sandwiched as I am in the middle seat. On the way to Atlanta I read most of Freakonomics, a book about skewed economics. I’m tired of reading, and besides I want to save some of the book for later. On this flight between Atlanta and Phoenix there is free Wifi for which I am grateful. There’s not a whole lot to write about my time in Pennsylvania, other than that it was extremely relaxing. As I’ve already mentioned, Lonetta, Weston, Lydia, and I went to the West Gallery in Washington DC on Friday. Oh yeah, I convinced my family to let me cook a veggie meal—which was a success, I think, although they’re still not convinced to go totally meatless. Yep, Jeremy was in the kitchen dicing veggies and throwing spices around. My no meat or dairy kind-of-diet was mostly ignored because, well, I’m on vacation, and a different flavor of homemade ice cream every night is just too hard to pass up. No hard feelings, it was rather enjoyable Now it’s up to me to get back to a place where I can run and bike again.

I rode Strohms Hollow trail on a loaner mountain bike with my little god brother Evan last Tuesday. We had a good time but got drenched with sweat. I had forgotten that any activity in the summer in PA results in lots of sweat. When running at midnight in summers past I would come home with all my clothes completely saturated with sweat. Another fine evening I took the gun out for a little hunt like old times. I actually found a groundhog who let me get close enough to shoot him; I think I was more scared than he was after it was all over. I’m just not much of a hunter I guess. More my style was shooting walnuts—I shot several dozen walnuts off trees and couldn’t believe my marksmanship was still there. Waylon came over and we occupied the Adirondacks in the yard and held them down with iced tea while discussing nothing, just like old times.

I got to eat at Panera Bread again. It was definitely worth the wait, and they do have a great Med veggie sandwich. Jordan chided me for going meatless, but admitted it was probably good, just not right now and not without some meat. For all you folks who are on the line, read The China Study (in my book list) and you’ll like the idea better. After Panera, we found a disc golf course at Wilson College which kept us entertained most of the afternoon. Through all of this we had heat going on, or rather, humidity issues. The temps aren’t much different than Flagstaff, but the humidity’s so much more oppressive.

An email just popped into my inbox from IRS, suggesting that I begin an internship in February…now that’s an interesting idea. Jeremy a tax auditor? I’d sure make a nasty one…

The rest of vacation is kind of hazy. One day I slept ’til 11:55, but most days I at least put on an air of productivity. I mowed a bunch because grass grows fast with rain every other day and 90 degree temps. I even worked at the rental house a little, replaced a toilet seat, which was about the extent of this year’s maintenance—knock on wood. I cruised around in sis’s new Honda Civic, well not exactly a new one, only 197,000 miles on it. I told her she should be proud that she didn’t have to have new cars like her brothers. I meant it. My car is going and I’m hoping to find a beater Subaru that will get me and the skis and mountain bike through the mountains in summer and winter. All I need yet is Chaco sandals, a big mixed-breed dog, and three days worth of facial hair and you couldn’t tell me from a Flag native. I think it’s cool that Life Is Good, Teva Sandals, and Gore-tex are all based in Flagstaff. And now the plane nose is dipping down toward the 2 hour long sunset I’ve had to look at while flying west. I’ll post this and stow the laptop and prepare for landing… Wifi on a plane is nice.