Alphabet City Avant Garde

Another fall semester has begun; campus is swarming with little people, and parking lots are full of gleaming automobiles. Once again I am pounding the pavement between Math and Business buildings. Somehow I can’t stay away from the math building. I was done with math requirements a year ago, but have been back every semester, anyway. I just got back from picking up another bike found on Craigslist—I sold the last two I found because making a $40 profit in an afternoon was too hard to turn down. I could sell this beauty for $100 more than I paid for it tomorrow, but I really need to keep it to use on campus during the day. I emailed the owner exactly five minutes after he posted, and was still the second person in line. Since I lived only a block away, I was able to get there before any others showed up. Bikes are scarce now, and even the freebie student bikes provided by the university have a long wait list. The latest acquisition is still in the back of the wagon awaiting its fate.

Back to math—the SI thing is going to be a challenge. Looking back over the text, I don’t understand how I aced the class. Probabilities, matrices, quadratics, and complex conjugation still tremble me to the core. I’ve lived and breathed TVM stuff for the past decade, but finite math remains my weak suit. It looks like I will be putting more effort into this course the second time through than I did for my grade. There are 90 students, who already are expecting me to know something about math. At least the pay is good and textbooks are provided. And, several of the rooms I am in have been REMODELED! with new desks, white boards, and computers. This is a big deal, and long overdue, as anybody who has been in the NAU math building knows.

Things are not so rosy in accounting. I’m finding out that accountants do more than subtract. The ‘project from hell’ begins next week, so termed by the professor himself. This will take all my spare time and more for the next few weeks. Then career season, with its unending job interviews and career events.. Then Homecoming is here, which means another sleepless week organizing events. Then it is Thanksgiving…which will probably be used for one or more term papers. Ahh, the joys of working and going to school at the same time. On a better note, the campus is full of people—people that I know. I meet familiar faces in every class and in the halls—the longer I stay here the more like home it seems. I have excellent study partners for all of my classes; this is a plus, and definitely something to not take for granted. This semester—even more than others—the good-partner edge should give me a pretty good shot at passing the classes.