An Empty Street

The summer is winding down. The nights are getting cooler, afternoons not as warm. The monsoons appear to have moved elsewhere and left the hearty few desert dwellers once again with sun and cloudless skies. Another semester is a few short weeks away; again I will find myself shouldering books and associated responsibilities.

I finished up a wonderful externship program in Phoenix on Monday. For the final day of the program we went to a homeless shelter and painted fence. It was hard, hot work under the merciless Phoenix sun and we all got seared in the process. This was supposed to be an accounting program, not a construction intro, but nobody seemed to mind the heat; I had an enjoyable time and got to do hard manual labor alongside professionals from the firm. And yes, the people from the tall, glass building know how to swing a paint brush. In the afternoon, we were given a few more presentations in the corner conference room and then had a mock interview and resume critique session with several recruiters. We wrapped up the day with a going-away party/social event. It was a long day, but also a great opportunity to understand better how a public accounting firm functions on a day-to-day basis. Next week I repeat this process with another firm.

The new neighborhood is still, well, new to me. I am a short run away from Buffalo Park, so yesterday I ran up to the top of the mesa, looped the park trails, and went back home. I have extreme hills in all directions which will either shape me up fast or discourage me from running altogether. There is a disc golf course a short walk away. The bike commute to campus, though not far, traverses a canyon and a mountainous hill—kind of discouraging to tackle after expending my day’s energy on books and calculations on campus.