another day

It’s another bright and sunny morning in Flagstaff. The Arizona Cardinals are now in training camp on campus, just over the hill from where I live. The streets are jammed with residual people here to touch Kurt Warner and get their paraphernalia autographed by one of this spring’s Super Bowl players. Businesses of Flagstaff expect to get several million dollars of revenue from training traffic. Maybe I’ll get one of my cereal boxes autographed or something, I don’t know.

It feels great to be working again after a year with no job, although yesterday I had to turn down a rock climbing trip because of it. My art museum job is on hold for now. I hope it’s still there when I get back. I plan to fly to PA for a week to meet the family and spend some vacation time at the big house before going into another crazed jam session of a semester. Next semester I will be practically living in the Business College, where I’ll be taking economics, accounting, math, and java programming classes. I’m excited about the classes, but recently found out that I have the hardest professor for the hardest accounting class… That will be interesting.

Well, I need to get along. A big day is ahead even though it’s Saturday. If I do everything right I may have time for a twilight mountain bike ride.