Another semester done…

This is the final week of the second summer session. I can’t believe how fast the summer is going… Four classes down already-two more to finish next month, and about 22 more to go after that. I’m almost half done already and it seems like I only started college last month.

Foremost in many people’s minds is whether the education is worth the $100,000 price tag; it still makes me pause a little when I think of what I could have done with so much money. But life is temporary and too important to spend chasing the bank account.

A few weeks ago my philosophy professor delivered a tremendous lecture on the value of education, and how equating an education with money is lowering its true value to less than worthless. The homeless guy on the street is better off than the person who gets an education to make a lot of money. (The last sentence was contradictory, but I’ll leave it like that.) I hope I never forget it.

Chasing A’s is not the answer to happiness. Paradoxically, when a person loves learning and intellectual stimulation, A’s usually follow. The intellectually-driven that won’t get A’s because of narrow minded professors don’t mind low grades because they’re only a mark on paper and they’re not relating grades to future earning capability. That said, education is not black and white science; most of it is still gray matter—possibly hubris.

Now I need/want to go to class. I dunno…