Another Town

I made the move to Phoenix today and am laying in bed; my first night in a new apartment in a new town. I got here in late afternoon, stopping at a few stores on the way over here to buy clothes. I am buying mostly new clothes—I don’t want to move them all down here and it’s time to get some new ones for a new job. I need more business clothes, enough so I can keep one set at the cleaners and still have enough left for the week. Tomorrow I plan to go buy some new suits and shirts and all the related necessities. Monday is orientation, Tuesday is orientation at the client’s office, and Wednesday I start the real work.

The apartment is nice. I’m rooming with a friend from NAU who is doing an internship for a private equity firm. He’ll be traveling the world, and I’ll be traveling the US, so the room might be empty a good share of the time. We have a beautiful pool, large hot tub, and full fitness center on the grounds, and I am very happy with the situation.