Another Town

Thanksgiving is over and another week is here. I am back from a fantastic weekend in Colorado, driving up to Center where I rode with Harlan to Dillon, where we spent three days with Bobby and Susan Koehn. And there was Andy, who deserves his own sentence. He is an 11-month old Golden Retriever bundle of boundless energy, love, and mischief. I left Flagstaff early Wednesday morning and spent a total of 12 hours in the car, although I did break for a few hours in Center and went for a hike with Harlan. It is my belief that vacations should not be quantified in terms of what was accomplished, but rather about how much was not done, which, I think, is more revealing about the quality of vacation. With this in mind I give a belabored rundown of my holiday.

A few weeks ago I invited Harlan and myself to Bobby’s house for a few days. It was time to leave, get away from the sirens, lights, and people sounds that plague a campus in a city at all hours. Driving through the mountains of Colorado was spectacular, as usual, with no ‘weather’ to impede travel over high mountain passes. Hoosier Pass at 11,540 elevation was the most scenic.

Thursday was spent in a highly relaxed way; I held down a leather sofa all day, extremely pleased with my lack of productivity. Susan and Marci made a grand Thanksgiving dinner. Five people barely made a dent in all the food.

Friday we drove around Frisco and did some walking and coffee and lunch, then went for a hike up to Pennsylvania Mine at 11,500 feet where snow was 12-14 inches deep and Andy was having the time of his life, and so were the rest of us, even though we got the Subaru stuck trying to drive as far up as we could. Definitely good times. Harlan and I went to Breckenridge for dinner with Marci and Susan in the evening.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Susan with Andy going nuts about a stick…

Image and video hosting by TinyPic The hike down…

Saturday morning we left the house in the cove and drove to Breckenridge for lunch and a walk down main street. We took the gondola up to the base of the ski area and walked around watching the skiers on the slopes. Then it was back on the road again, stopping at a chill little microbrewery in Salida for dinner along the way. I spent the night at the Don Toews house in Del Norte and drove back to Flag on Sunday. It snowed a little over night, making the drive over Wolf Creek Pass icy and snowy. Luckily, I made it through all the switchbacks and steep grades without plunging over the edge. The rest of the drive was uneventful, as in driving hundreds of miles through unpopulated red rock country.

Flagstaff also got a few inches of snow in town over the weekend and there’s still snow in the mountains. Hopefully it will last until I finish school work and have time to venture out there later this week.