Another Week

The weeks are flying by. I wish I could be writing about something that’s exciting to others and I hope what I write is not too boring; I know it’s all about me and what happens in Flagstaff. If I get really inspired someday I might start yet another blog that has always interesting content and keep this blog as an online filing cabinet for my personal diary.

One untried theory of mine is that the most interesting diaries are brief and only include snapshots of unimportant events that when pieced together form continuity for the reader to construct an accurate image of the day in his/her mind. Effective communication happens when the reader is thinking what the writer wants the reader to think when the writer is writing the article. This is what I will try to do with this post.

Monday: I met my language partner and found out that he knows very little Chinese. Communication will have to consist of drawing pictures in a notebook until I get a handle on Chinese. I never could win at Pictionary. Went to the pool and swam laps until I was too tired to think.

Tuesday: Study, study, study for the geography exam on Wednesday. I survived the interview meeting with the LAA chair committee at 7pm. Will I be allowed to join? I’m afraid to even guess. I skipped the Ultimate game which made me very unhappy and went to the library and wrote Chinese characters -which made me feel more than a little studious- until the library closed at midnight, and then I went out on the deck and switched on the lights and furiously wrote for another hour, trying to make my hand memorize the strokes and stories of Chinese language. I finally gave it up and went to bed.

Wednesday: Studied geography all day for the exam in the evening. I took time off and got my driver’s license transfer completed. Kudos to the State of Arizona for making this process fast, easy, and efficient. I was dreading this day because I was remembering the long lines and the waiting and the more-waiting and the ‘go see her’ and ‘you need to go there to get this done’ and the ‘you can’t get there from here’ kind of stuff that PA throws at me when I try to do anything even slightly government related. The whole process took less than half an hour. Then I almost missed the geography exam. Never have I ridden a bike as furiously as that night. To the policeman that shouted at me in passing: I’m sorry for running those red lights and for going the wrong way on the one-way, and I won’t do it again, unless I’m late. First football practice was tonight at 8. I know everybody’s name if nothing else.

Thursday: Art class, more Chinese, desperately need more practice. Huge vegetarian meal at the Hot Spot. Ultimate at 7. Ran 4 miles after.

Friday: Computer class in the morning then I packed up for camping.

Saturday: Got back from camping, showered, ate, and played with the football until late. Maria and Kristen lettered my jersey for me. Thanks a bunch, looks real good. I went to the rec center and messed around on the climbing wall until my hands wouldn’t function any longer. That’s it.

I included mainly the week’s highlights, which means I failed at this experiment. Please forgive. I don’t want to redo it. Sometime I might write some more about camping, but I don’t want to crack that subject for fear of not being able to quit.

..later alligator.