Anywhere Is

I went for my first successful mountain bike ride in Phoenix on Tuesday evening. A friend emailed me a list of Phoenix trails and I’ve been working my way down it. So far they’ve been wonderful. I went to Trail 100 Tuesday and was pleasantly surprised at the scenery and quiet to be found in the middle of Phoenix. The sun was low and it was a cooler 97 degrees, and it was a pleasant and relaxing ride. The sunset was clouded by pollution but I didn’t mind. It felt wonderfully relaxing to get a break from the professional world for an hour—away from the constant reflections on polished marble, tinted windows, and elevators—away from the never-changing smiles of the rich and formally educated crowd—away from the tall tastefully-decorated glass-sheeted buildings.

I love my job. I get to build elaborate spreadsheets. I have a corner cube from which I can look out over half of Phoenix, but it sits empty most of the time because I’m at a client’s office instead. I get to sit in on meetings with high level executives of huge corporations. Lunches are either at a nearby deli or an upscale restaurant. I can’t help that I’m gaining weight, every meal is too good to pass up. Phoenix has a lot of good eating, and I’ve been introduced to some real jewels—places that are only open a few hours a week but have as good a meals as you’ll find anywhere.

I’m considering traveling to Flagstaff again this weekend. My office is still there—desk, computer, big monitors, printer—and I have a number of large tasks that aren’t getting done. A weekend there in the cool mountain air would allow me to crank a large chunk of it out. I moved the bare minimum to my apartment in Phoenix so I don’t get much done on weekends besides laying by the pool, shopping/exploring, and hanging out with friends. Fun but not very productive. That’s the inside scoop on life in a desert city…