At the Y

Homecoming weekend is done. Midterm grades are up. Interviews are all done. Several big accounting projects are behind me. But the semester is not over.

I’ve got several classes that I need to pull grades up in. Straight A’s are not impossible; they will just require a lot of effort. More exams are looming over next week. I have a paper! to write, Thanksgiving plans to make. Winter-break plans are mostly made, in that I plan to not make many plans because I will be driving my car cross country and spending up to a month away from Flagstaff.

To recap last week.. Tuesday I held a 2-hour SI session—normally they’re only one hour long each. But this was a exam review session, so it was longer and more structured than normal sessions. My supervisor sat in and audited the class for the first time which could have been nerve-wracking, but it wasn’t. It’s just really tiring standing in front of a class and working through example problems for 2 hours straight. Then it was off to a networking event with the Betas and an accounting firm from the valley. I knew a lot of the members before joining Beta Alpha Psi (technically I am a pledge/candidate, not a member) and decided I had little to lose, even though I managed to get several externships and a great internship by not being in the group. So Tuesday night was pizza and presentation, then homework ‘til way late.

Wednesday was normally full, and Thursday more so. I had the normal work-class marathon, which leaves me exactly one 5-minute and one 10-minute gap between 8am and 3:45pm. With no time to eat, I’m usually starving before noon, and then I still have four hours left. At 3:45 sharp, I left for Phoenix to make the CPA league softball playoffs at 6. They were expecting me to play but I wasn’t dressed down enough to play, so I went out to dinner instead with the two CPAs with whom I will be working this summer. I signed my internship offer and am looking forward to a great summer—in spite of spending it in the Scottsdale heat. The area is very nice, if a bit classy compared to my Flagstaff days, just not sure how I’m going to do with a 100% indoors lifestyle.

Friday, I had a class canceled in the morning, so filled the space with homework. Actually all day I worked on homework; that is, until 5pm, when I went to the ballroom to help decorate for the homecoming dance. There were lights to set up, streamers and pumpkins to set out, and a variety of small tasks to make the huge empty room appear a little warmer and welcoming. The dance was well-attended at nearly 400 people, and the logistical end of things went well. Keeping a crowd fed and watered for four hours can be a bit of a challenge sometimes. At midnight the dance ended and we took down everything and stored it back in the closets on the other end of campus. I got home a little after 1:30am.

There were more homecoming events on Saturday, as well as Tequila Sunrise, where they close all the streets in downtown and expect people to get drunk and not worry about getting hit by cars. My task was to sell these people homecoming t-shirts. That didn’t work so well, but we sold several hundred shirts to people who were not drunk who were there for the spectacle. Tequila Sunrise began at 4am, but I didn’t get there until 8am. After the parade, we went to the tailgate at the football game and sold the rest of the shirts. I attended kickoff at the game but was pretty tired, so I called it a day and went home and took a 30-minute nap. ..then back to campus for homework until 9pm.

Sunday was another day of homework. I had an afternoon meeting canceled so I went home and raked up pine needles for an hour to get some exercise—then back to campus for homework ‘til 10pm. I have no social life beyond the accounting clique.