Back to school

Back to school. This time for real, or so it seems. Today’s appointments were as follows:

English class 9:10-10:00

Business Law class 10:20-11:10

Chinese class 11:30-12:20

Lunch with Davis 12:45-1:30

Communication class 2:00-3:15

Math class 4:10-5:50


Homework, etc

Drive to Phoenix 9:30-3:00

Sleep 3:00-8:00

English class 9:10-10:00



It was a draining day. I was ‘on’ all day—I gave self-introductions in most classes, complete with interesting facts about Jeremy (if you don’t think this is hard, try it), and yes, I eat healthy most of the time, I don’t have a lot of keys but I have many pens and pencils, I ride my bike to class if it’s not snowy, I don’t like science fiction, I’m not allergic to cats, I don’t have more than three brothers or sisters, I’ve never been to Africa, etc in answer to the many ice-breaker questions.

Class excitement levels varied greatly: English was all fun and games, Communication was a 300 person group discussion (imagine 300 students yakking away in a fairly small room), Business Law was a hoot with the professor showing a slide show of her punk rock Sasquatch hubby while tripping around like a caffeinated ADHD kid (she claims she drinks no caffeine or drugs and is all naturale), Chinese was ho-hum-are we done yet? Math was long and tiring with the brave professor constantly making remarks like: “See, isn’t math fun?” (no response) “In a few days you’ll think math is the best thing that ever happened!” (no response).

And that’s about it for the day. I’m driving to Phoenix to pick my roommate up from the airport later tonight, and tomorrow I’ll begin again. Oh yeah, I sent in 7 job applications yesterday. And the homework is already piling up, I must go…