Bike Week

This week I’ve finally gotten some biking in. Last Saturday I had the twelve mile ride in the rain, and on Sunday I rode another twelve miles of trail in the woods surrounding campus. On Wednesday, I did the Schultz Creek/Rocky Ridge nine mile loop with Josh; that was a lot of fun. I had ridden it once before, so I had the advantage of knowing the terrain a little. Josh is from Illinois and the technical stuff was new to him. He sounded pretty confident so I took him up to Rocky Ridge, where he did ok on the smooth uphills, but did three endos on the rough trail down the mountain. He finished happy in spite of all the crashes. We’ll probably ride together some more, although probably not too much on technical trails for now. Sunday I finished what I had begun last Saturday in the rain. But this time instead of driving my car on dirt roads, I parked just outside of town at 7200 ft. elevation and rode a 42 mile route of all trails. The aspens had lost most of their leaves, but I still got to ride on golden trails. The weather was perfect, with an impossibly blue sky and no wind or clouds. I had planned for 38 or 39 miles but a wrong turn added a few miles to the original. I peaked out on snow at 10,400 feet, and the trip took me a little less than six hours. AZ trails are quite a bit smoother than PA trails; I couldn’t do that kind of mileage in PA, unless I stayed on roads, or unless the elevation makes that much difference. All this, together with campus miles, made about 90 miles over the last nine days.

I think I will take a break from biking this week and try to learn the finer points of swimming. This activity is by far the most strenuous form of exercise for me, probably because I don’t know how to do it the right way, and lack important muscles. I try to run four miles, twice a week, but don’t always get it done. Before, I always blamed my job on lack of exercise but I think it’s just as hard for me to find time to do it now. So, for all those people, especially me, who blame circumstances for lack of exercise, there is no substitute for actually getting out there and doing things. If you’re waiting for perfect weather, unless you live in AZ, it just won’t happen. (Sorry about rubbing in the weather thing, I know that PA has awesome falls.)