Welcome to the new blog look. Seems I get tired of looking at the same thing too long. Or, maybe I like to change stuff. The school days countdown has timed out and I’m back in PA, relaxing in my office that’s the same size as the entire apartment in Flag that I share with two others, and loving my two huge desks and cushy leather manager’s chair. Not that I have much to manage, but it makes me feel important I guess. Life is pretty good here at the Big House.

I drove around the neighborhood today, looking at the new gas stations and Taco Bells and KFCs and townhouses that sprang up like weeds during my short absence. Marvin kindly lent me his extra car for the month I will be here, so if you spot someone driving aimlessly with Iowa plates, it might be me. I have yet to exert myself in any way, choosing instead to sleep late, lounge around, and retire early.

Saturday I rode with Waylon to Hagerstown to do some shopping –window shopping, you know. Today I drove the car over to Merv’s Bike Shop and hassled him for a good hour. I plan to do a donut run one of these days to WHE and see if anybody remembers me there. I am taking psych classes while I’m on break, so I have a few deadlines and assignments to attend to. I am not even very enthused about this class for some reason; maybe it’s because I like subjects with definite answers. I should really be working ahead on Chinese, too, because that’s my most time-consuming subject–but alas, I lack motivation right now for that as well.

Next semester I plan on taking the max 19 credits allowed (6 subjects), which means classes and homework will take around 55 hours a week, and I also want to get a part-time job. I built an elaborate spreadsheet today to calculate how much time I would have left for a job after sleeping, eating, classes, and meetings -I came up with an answer of exactly 1 hour a week. So, that means more rearranging and multi-tasking- maybe then I’ll be able to swing it somehow. We’ll have to wait and see once how it makes out…