Bowling for Poppies

I’m still charged up after this afternoon’s triple-shot macchiato. The good news is I had a productive afternoon of getting my long list of to-do’s acted upon. I had several recruiters to email, some applications to fill out, cover letters to write, and other stuff that is easy to procrastinate on. It feels really good to be done with it, for a few days anyway, until more deadlines loom. I am determined to get an internship next summer, and already have several strong leads in the Phoenix area. I don’t want just any internship, either; it must be one at a place where I would consider future employment.

I’m still fine-tuning my daily tasks of this semester in order to maximize the few hours I have each day. The greatest time uncertainties lie with email and Facebook; I begun using Gmail’s Priority Inbox several weeks ago with the intent of streamlining email tasks by putting off replies that take longer than a minute or two until I have a block of time that I can dedicate to the Inbox. I consider myself a fairly proficient multi-tasker, but also realize there are efficiencies to be gained by batch processing stuff like email and homework assignments.

Friday, I went bowling with the Betas—a business fraternity I recently joined. We met a dozen professionals from Phoenix at a casino midway and had a fun evening of games and networking. This week will be full of career events, with a few interviews sprinkled throughout. I’m sorry to go on and on about career stuff, but in the accounting world the career search begins freshman year for most students. Recruiters are seeking summer interns now, which is why these events are so important for accounting people. I don’t know of any other major that has quite as long a process as accounting. Most students will attend job fair their last semester and do their first interviews during senior year.

The evening is gone, night has come, and I’m still not prepared for another looong week beginning in a few hours. My Subaru is still for sale—I just told a person who called today that I could possibly show it to him on Friday evening, 5 days away. I could share many other similar stories; I honestly can not spare one minute of daylight during the week to sell my car. This is a little disconcerting, because I don’t need two cars at the moment, and because, come November, I will be parking it illegally. I may have to put a cash box by the curb and try the honor system for the car sale. Or, maybe try a Free sign. I dunno.. I’m kind of out of options. I did laundry this morning, but it still needs to be folded and put away. I really need to get it done and recharge the batteries for another new and exciting week ahead.