This week was a very busy week. I’m typing this now instead of doing homework because my brain is getting dizzy. I try not to think of the pile of assignments that are due on Monday. The list of assignments represents about twelve hours of steady work. That’s huge, but I can’t do it now because I can’t think anymore.

Last Monday was a productive day for me. I got up at 9 and studied until midnight. I had two classes in there, but the rest of the day was dedicated to getting assignments done. I turned in an impressive stack of papers and read many dozens of pages in very expensive and boring textbooks. My stack of books is over a foot high and cost me $630. That’s about $50 an inch, and some of the books I bought used for 30% of new price on Amazon.com.

Tuesday was a normal day with three classes and many hours of study. On Wednesday, I had five classes, the first one starting at 9:35 and the last one ending at 8:00. My biggest break between was only an hour; aside from a running Starbucks lunch, I didn’t get to eat until 9 PM. Then I did homework until 1 AM. I don’t have time for volleyball anymore and sometimes I can’t take time to go eat with friends. I’m not sure what I’m getting into.

Today was a pretty normal day again; I didn’t have to run between classes and had time to eat a leisurely lunch and spend time replying to emails and scoping out Facebook, which to the uninformed is a pretty cool site for college networking and putting a name to that face you met the other day -but it can be extremely time-consuming if you allow it to be. Consequently, I didn’t do any homework and forgot about learning Chinese characters like I was supposed to do. When the Chinese prof held up characters, I returned blank stares. I promise I will know them by Monday. And btw, I love replying to emails, even if you don’t hear from me the first day.

Reading over this it sounds very bleak. It’s really not bad at all. I enjoy what I’m doing and I’m getting enough sleep. I’ve learned to sleep deep and deal with short nights; just don’t try to get me up at 5AM. The first nights I was here I slept very little because there were lights around, or somebody was making noise, or the people next door were showering; I always had some excuse. Now my surroundings have much less to do with how well I sleep. Well, so much for an update of my life. I won’t bore you anymore because I have got stuff to do and I’m sure you do, too.