College Collage

Hello and welcome to another episode of life where the sun always shines. I’m in cleaning mode and today I’m dealing with years of photos that have piled up in my computer. I dump the contents of my memory card onto my hard drive when it gets full, and so never really get the chance to go through and make sure I’m not storing junk and duplicates. Until today. I had a wonderful time, looking back to the day I moved here, for example. I thought I’d put up a few as examples. I think of it as college in a nutshell. Click on any picture to enlarge it.


Here is a picture I took on August 20, 2008. It’s a picture of the sky. I remember looking up a lot, because the endless blue intrigued me. It still does. And it’s still my favorite part of Arizona.

Next is a picture of the bike path I was impressed with on my first day in Flagstaff, complete with narrow shutter. A fitting illustration for beginning college?


The gray picture below


was taken on my first hike up Mt. Humphrey on September 1, 2008. It was my first hike at elevation, and I got a good feel for hiking in the clouds. I made it to the summit but couldn’t see a thing. And it was cold.


Victorious Secret was the name of our flag football team (I still have my jersey somewhere), and this was the gang you’d find playing volleyball, camping, huddled around a hookah at nights, or eating breakfast together on weekends. And building giant snowmen.


Here is a picture of my roommate’s stuffed elephant on his bed. He often tucked it in before leaving for class.


Bored in economics class sometime in 2009…


In the winter of 2009 – 2010 I spent a lot of time watching it snow. (We got some 22’ in town.) This is a view from my dorm window through the screen at night…


Here is what 48” of snow looks like. It literally buried cars.


This is one of my Vietnamese friends, from a folder titled “First Time Camping.”


..and my summer roommate, also his first time camping.


Mountain biking the Porcupine Rim in Moab, Utah in May 2010. Amazing scenery and great company. I miss those days a lot.


B&S, if you’re reading this, I miss these rides!



In Fall 2010, I was part of a group of students who traveled to Omaha to have lunch with Warren Buffett. Here we’re walking into Nebraska Furniture Mart at 8 in the morning for a behind-the-scenes tour.


When unlocking at work one morning, mystery cupcakes were waiting. They made my day.


Snowshoeing Mt. Baldy near Breckenridge, CO in December 2010. Hands down the coldest hike I’ve ever done.


..and skiing at Keystone in CO, below.


In New York City over New Years Day.


No blog about Flagstaff life would be complete without a photo of Macy’s coffee roaster in action.


Over Lake Erie on my way to an executive job shadow placement in New Hampshire in March 2011.


Back in Utah in summer of 2011, this time in Zion and Hurricane for some more great mountain biking and hiking action.


The view from the top of Angel’s Landing in Zion. Yes, that’s a road with a bus on it and 1,600’ of air beneath me.


Hiking Mt. Humphrey in 2011 with a Kuwaiti friend. His first time hiking, but we made it all the way up.


My summer 2011 internship digs..


My evening diversion was climbing Camelback Mountain. This picture was taken at dusk in 100 degree weather.


Back in Flagstaff at Owl City performance. Very nicely done.


Volunteering at a ranch near Flagstaff. The miniature donkeys were the best.


Wrapping up winter break in January 2012 with a nice sunset in Williams.


‘til next time, friends..