I had a roommate once who always called me crazy. It was his favorite response when he didn’t have any other reply. Hiking was crazy. Going to a new restaurant was crazy. Fixing a computer was crazy. Taking an unplanned vacation was crazy. Getting up before noon on weekends was crazy. Going to Phoenix in the summer was crazy, as was going outside during the Flagstaff winter. He never told me what definition he had in mind and I never asked about it.

This summer has been pleasantly free of the schedule juggling of past summers. No classes, no homework, and no tight exam schedules mixed with dynamic work constraints. No weekend work, and regular hours during the week made a pretty relaxing few months with good income. I finally took the step and registered for an information systems auditing certification exam to take place in December in Phoenix. All summer my spare time has been consumed with studying for this exam, and I’m finally at the place where it looks like another couple months’ worth of study could give me a shot at passing.

The next four months will be full of 400-level accounting and computer information classes. It will be rough, but hopefully my last semester will be a downhill coast consisting of capstone, a graduate-level tax course, and a backed-off work schedule.

This week has been way too easy. It seems like everyone is holding their breathe, being extra nice, and not wanting to spoil the precious last few weeks of summer—I know I have been. The books, parking permit, housing, schedule adjustments, and bills have all been settled; now I will enjoy the last week of relative freedom before things turn upside-down for a few months. Crazy, but I love it.