Dark Eyes

A quick blog while sitting through class. I love my dear marketing class but I admit it’s a bit less intense than the accounting class I have immediately before. The accounting class starts early, never finishes early, and every one of the 75 minutes is packed with content. Exams, like the one I just finished go 90 minutes, and not a minute less. Writing is a massage after enduring such torture.

Marketing class is informative and interesting, but when it comes down to exam time, common sense serves just fine. We typically get out of class 15-30 minutes early and some lectures are simply movies or History Channel episodes on advertising. This class period is devoted to a video on stealth marketing. Exams are open-notes and so far I’m averaging near 100% in the class in spite of devoting class time to email, homework, and rest.

The weekend was filled with preparation for said accounting exam. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I got up at 5am this morning and continued study right up until exam time at 12:40. I figure I spent about 30 hours this weekend doing cash flows and construction accounting problems. Yeah. I almost finished the exam in 90 minutes, and I’m a fast test-taker. In perspective, my last marketing exam (50 MC questions) took me four minutes to complete and an hour to study for. I got a 98%. My last audit exam took ten minutes for 100%. Accounting is a different beast and attracts professors who thrive on handing out mental torture.

But this post wasn’t planned to be a treatise on the differences between accounting and marketing. I went mountain biking this weekend. Behind my house I found a trailhead that opens up to State Forest lands and the wealth of trails out there. I can ride the bike out of the garage, ride 10 miles of trails, and be back in the house an hour later. Wonderful. So that’s what I did Sunday to defragment the hives of cash flow data in my mind. I’m also trying to lose weight. I stopped buying groceries because I’m never home and I don’t have time to cook. I don’t even have time to eat lunch during the week so it’s hard for me to stay away from junk food. My early morning commutes are joined by Starbuck’s breakfast sandwiches, bagels, the occasional burrito, and coffee. Lots of coffee. As a result of this diet and lack of exercise I’ve gained 8 pounds this semester. It’s not the end of the world but I’m concerned that I’ll have to spend more time preparing for this summer’s 10k runs in cool Flagstaff.

I have a place to live in Phoenix beginning in May. I’m still not sure how or if I’ll be able to handle the extreme heat but am excited about a new city and a new job. Since I’m not taking any summer courses this summer, I’m planning on getting some type of computer/networking certification. I’m not quite ready to let myself fall into the position of not having stuff to do in evening and weekends. Well, I have homework to do for the rest of class period.. Later, gator..