Down Paradise Road

Another week has flown by. I got a chance to go to the football game last weekend, if only for part of one quarter. That was fun because NAU won Montana State and it was the largest attended game since 2003 with standing room only in many parts of the stadium. Most of the rest of last weekend was spent at the business building on homework assignments. I am thinking about dropping my Asian Studies minor; I only need two 200-level classes but do not have the time to make good grades in them. Classes other than accounting are low priority due to the tremendous amount of effort required in upper-level accounting classes.

Last Friday I went on an office tour of a consulting firm in Phoenix. They gave us several presentations and lunch. It was a fun time and I got inside another great firm. As soon as I got back, I went over to the College of Business booth at the ARD open house night and showed off some of the technology we’re using in the business building. Specifically, the hot-desking thin client environment and the screen sharing technology we’re putting out in breakout rooms.

Last Saturday I decided to sell my Subaru. I committed to staying at the house from noon to 3:00pm, the longest time I’ve spent there during daylight hours since the semester began in August. The Subaru had been on Craigslist for six weeks priced at $3200 with dozens of people wanting to look at the car, but I only managed to show it to four people who weren’t very enthusiastic about buying on the spot. The biggest obstacle was that I was never home to show the car to the people who were really interested. With all of three hours at my disposal, I listed the car at 8am for $1500 and had around 30 responses by the time I got home at noon. People came. They lined up. They took turns going on test drives. Some hesitated, I told them to leave. By 2pm the car was sold, and I made the second quarter of the football game before leaving to work on a team project at 4.

Thursday was THE big office interview at a public accounting firm in Phoenix. I got to the office a little before 9am and had three 30-minute interviews with partners, managers, and seniors. Then we had lunch at Cheesecake Factory with the team I would hopefully be working with. Everything went smoothly, especially since I knew all but one person there and had spent a few days in the office during an August externship. I got offered a summer internship on Friday morning!!; I was glad to get an answer before the weekend.. the waiting and wondering how I might have messed up the interview is the worst part of these.

Saturday was spent doing homework, from 7am until 3pm, when my brain refused to perform any more calculations and accounting analyses. I convinced a study partner to go mountain biking with me, so we took off down a little street near my house called Paradise Road, rode off the dead end onto the Mt. Elden trail system, and kept going for 9 miles. It was awesome, the leaves were changing color, and I had forgotten, once again, how enjoyable it is to ride trails…