Dreams of Planes

Remember when we watched clouds and airplanes in the blue sky? Life has a way of changing things, I guess. It’s been another amazing week here in Flagtown. Amazing? Well, maybe that’s not the right word but it will have to do for now. Also exciting, because that’s what people get when there’s a forest fire raging in town.

Monday through Thursday was an incredible blur again. Tuesday afternoon I went for a mountain bike ride with James then did a long run then did cost accounting homework then got to bed late then got up early and ran another 3 miles before class in an attempt to wake up. It sort of worked, but not as much as I hoped. So, it’s back to the post again. Oh, yeah, the week.

The week had many highlights. Many. I talked to my brother on the phone for the first time in several months. There were more. But I’m off to bed because I’m just so dead tired and beat and desperately need the sleep as you can tell from these discombobulated lines. It is fun to post such maligned single-sided dialogue to my highly articulate audience. G’night all…