End of term busyness

I haven’t posted anything in the blog for some time now; I’ll write a few unconnected lines and call it done.

Graduation was Friday, May 8. I went to the Skydome at 7am and helped set up flower booths to sell flowers to parents of grads. Over 3,000 students were graduation and there were 4 ceremonies in two days. After a crash course in floral arrangements, I was able to sell quite a lot of leis and bouquets at the event. It was a long day and I was exhausted by the time we folded up around 4pm.

Saturday I worked on cleaning and moving into another dorm for the summer. I will be taking full-time classes all summer long unless I happen to get a job or some other unforeseen event comes up. I look forward to spending the summer in Flagstaff with its low humidity and mild summertime temps.

Sunday I finished unpacking and arranging my stuff in my downsized room, then took off for the hills on my bike. Every day is splendid with blue cloudless skies, and Sunday was no exception. I rode until I was tired then sat on a rock in the woods to talk on the phone for awhile. A very relaxing way to spend a day.

Monday was class again, an Intro to Ethics philosophy course. Class is 5 days a week from 9 to 12:15, so it’s quite a load. The material discussed is quite interesting; we are supposed to learn how to analyze ethical behavior across different cultures, surroundings, and circumstances.

Monday afternoon I took some friends to the airport in Phoenix and we spent the evening in town, in 100 degree heat. I have yet to find anything impressive about Phoenix.

Other than that, I’ve been doing the usual mountain biking escapes several times a week and enjoying the perfect summer weather of northern AZ. Will write more later…