Extremely fast and incredibly close

The snow is gone and the trails are dry and dusty. I know because I took the bike out for a loop over Schultz Pass on Thursday. We had to walk over a few snowdrifts but overall it was a good ride in spite of crashing on a rough downhill and getting a flat tire.

In case anyone’s anxiously awaiting a sequel to the previous post—the transfer to DC was finalized and paperwork signed last week. The skis and commuter bike are sold. CPA review course is ordered. I’m already missing Flagstaff.

I’m partway through Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer. After a few pages, the negative flavor left by the ‘stupid’ title was gone and I was hooked. So much so that I Whispersync’d the book between Kindle-at-home and Android-in-the-pocket just to have it with me at all times (geeky but awesome). It’s an amazing story about a boy with a key in a city of locks, how he unlocks people and assembles their stories into a fluid mass of incredible wisdom and insight.

I have two presentations to build and present this week, and a golf tournament on Friday with accounting and finance professionals from Phoenix. All other projects and assignments are done—only two final exams and these presentations left. I really need to keep working on them.

‘Til next time..