Fairly Busy

Days are fair and sunny and mild with highs in the 70s and 80s. I’m on the bike every day riding to class or downtown for lunch or to the tennis courts or up on the mountain at sunset. My friend James is giving me lessons in the fitness center weight room on how to keep the few muscles I have in good shape. We do a large variety of exercises using bands, free weights, and balance balls. This is good but keeps me in a constant state of soreness from one obscure muscle or another.

I now have a computer imaging class in which I am learning how to properly operate Adobe Creative Suite software: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and Dreamweaver. I’ve been messing around in this software for years, but it seemed like I was probably missing things. These programs are pretty large to learn without lessons. I enjoy this class; I only wish I had taken it long ago…

Today was another one of those perfect summer vacation days. This afternoon I biked up to the tennis courts and played with a friend for a few hours, my skin doing a slow roast in the intensive high elevation Arizona sun. In the evening I went for my favorite 10 mile bike loop on Flagstaff Urban Trail up to the top of Mars Hill overlooking town—there’s a two mile, 1,000 foot climb; on good days I can ride the whole thing, on other days I push. Today was a good day. Then my roomie and I went to the park for a quick game of disc golf in the twilight. Friday I plan to hike with a few others up to Humphrey’s summit at 12,600 elevation, the highest peak in AZ. The view from the peak is phenomenal. I still play bike polo every Monday afternoon and still work at the Habitat store one day a week, although I’ll probably have to bail this week.