Fairytale of Flagstaff

It’s a bright winter day. The long icicles outside my window are beginning to drip. Last night’s snow still covers everything. My coffee is hot and the wood stove is roaring. It’s a quiet day—perfect to sit by the fire and read a John Green novel.

The semester is winding down. My final checklist already has a lot of items done. Today I have a long list of homework assignments to do. These lists aren’t as intimidating as they once were. The remaining research cases are manageable.

Thanksgiving break was wonderful. I snowshoed to the top of Mt. Humphrey (12,633’). There was good snow cover which made relatively easy travel. The trail was buried so I hiked straight up a slide path to the ridge and over to the summit. Conditions were perfect—clear, sunny, and windy. Avalanche danger was low because the snow above treeline was packed hard from the wind. Visibility was 100+ miles every way from the summit. The trek took all day. I hope to do this again soon. The rest of the weekend was spent on homework which was oddly relaxing.

I am supposed to be productive today but I left all my books in the office at school. It’s time to sweep off the car and drive across town to get them.

I came here looking for a Great Perhaps, for real friends and a more-than-minor life.. ~John Green