Fait Accompli

Once again, the Phoenix heat has gotten the best of me and I’ve retreated back to Flagstaff for the weekend. This still feels like home because most of my belongings are here in the house I’m renting. I have the bare minimum at the Phoenix apartment—basically only a few changes of clothes and my car. Phoenix days not working are spent in a semi-dark room with blinds tightly closed, dark because the air conditioner can’t keep up if I open the blinds. I can venture outside of the apartment but that means sitting in my car or staying in air conditioned spaces at all times. That said, I am getting adjusted to the heat and I think I could survive an entire summer here if I had a bigger place with powerful air conditioning. When it’s 110 outside, with intense sun, houses and cars require mighty air conditioners to keep up. My car does great with its tinted windows and cools down quickly if its parked outside but the apartment is a different story.

This week has been both exciting and challenging, depending on the day. Monday was intern ditch day, consisting of lunch at a nice restaurant (yes, we do it all the time…) followed by an afternoon of roaming around downtown Phoenix with gift cards to spend on various entertainments. The only instructions were not to think about work and get paid to have fun. Tuesday, I was back at a client’s site most of the day, but I left early to attend a baseball social at a suite in the Diamondbacks’ Stadium during the evening game. Once again, we had a great catered meal with all the popcorn and beverages we wanted, with time and expenses chargeable to the firm. Wednesday was another day at a client, and I actually got a lot done.

Thursday I was sent to a new client, by myself, to perform a inventory cycle count observation. This was my first ever, and it entailed watching an employee count inventory in order to determine whether the company’s policies were being followed and were substantial enough to prevent financial misstatement and deter fraud/misappropriation. And I had to do it myself (it’s what consultants do when they aren’t eating lunch). Including writing a five-page memo and filling out dozens of pages of documentation on an observation lasting all of twenty minutes. I also got to interview the CFO, which was another first for me. I was exhausted at the end of the day, but not too tired to meet a friend over a bucket of crabs at Joe’s Crab Shack for dinner—the perfect ending to a crazy day. Today I churned through more documents and drove to Flagstaff. I’m looking forward to a weekend of relaxation and study…