Hello and welcome to Fall! It’s been a bit since I’ve written but it’s not from lack of notable developments. Fall is beginning here, and I am getting more settled into the crazy world of D.C. It’s a place, I’m finding out, that attracts young people from all over the world. They move here for jobs that aren’t at other places and take their best shot at big city life. There is certainly a romance similar to that given to urban centers such as New York City and London by classic writers, although D.C. is quite different in many aspects. The aura of living in an intellectual and political hub outshines the grittier aspects of smog, wet weather, and impossible traffic.


I went on a trail run Saturday that turned out to be more of a stop-and-look hike due to the beautiful scenery and weekend crowds. Water, after living in Arizona amazes me, especially the endless water and huge rivers so near to the ocean.


These are pictures of the Great Falls on the Potomac river, or ‘small’ streams nearby. The river itself is huge and mighty.


One branch of the falls. The river splits into several branches as it drops through the falls area.


Here’s the river above the falls. As one would expect so near to a city, there were crowds of hikers out and about, enjoying the sunny weekend.

I had a fairly productive weekend. I designated the day to drive to IKEA and pick up another bookcase which I used for book and other organization to get the last piles off of my floor and properly arranged. Due to my morning hike, I missed the Saturday morning no-traffic window to drive there and spent a fair share of the afternoon creeping along the Beltway at walking speeds in my car. IKEA was jammed as usual on weekends, so I did my normal thing of walking backwards into the warehouse and picking the items, thereby avoiding the crowded food court and showroom labyrinth. This time I got lucky and found a perfect bookcase already assembled and half priced in the As-Is area.

The shopping malls are ramping up for the holidays. Christmas decorations are out already in several stores. Some days it takes me 45 minutes to drive the two miles home from the office. According to the locals, I haven’t seen anything yet. At certain times I just can’t go there. Imagine the street in front of your house closed for several hours a day—that’s what it’s like to live here. I’m not complaining yet.. just sharing some observations.