Final Nemesis

Finals are finally done—sorry if I always start my after-final post with that pun, but it’s too good not to slip it in there somewhere. This post isn’t intended to be a final post, although it is intended to briefly mention the final topic. Not that… Oh well, too many puns for me to get through. This blog also wasn’t meant to be a nemesis, either, although nemeses have been on my mind for the last few days. Nemeses are those people to whom I cannot simply state that I went on a bike ride, or that I went on a run. Specifics must be included, things like time and distance and heart rate, and the accomplishment must be incredible or I will not even mention that I did an activity at all—ironically, far too often, this is actually the case. Which explains why, when I do an activity, it is incredible. You nemeses know who you are. You conflict with my supposed pacifist nature. But don’t back down, because winning makes me feel bad.

The fire on the mountain is finally (used it again) almost stopped. Don’t ask me how something can be finally almost something, but this is what I hope of the forest fire. Thursday I plan to hike to the top of Mt. Humphrey if I am allowed into the area. That is always fun. It’s been a week of much disc golf. We’ve played three times this week and have a few other games penciled in for the rest of the week and the holiday. Yesterday (gotta mention it because it was incredible) I ran up and down Mars Hill twice to fulfill the hills quota part of my hilly run. It reminded me of when I was a roofer, carrying bundles of shingles up a wobbly forty foot high ladder. For those of you who have never done this, it is a singular experience indeed, which I’ll not attempt to define further.

And now, good friends, is the part where I need to figure out a way to close this post. I don’t have homework to do, I’m not tired, I’m not going for ice cream, so I guess it will be the rambles for a few more sentences until I figure out a reason to quit writing. My laptop still has 5 hours of battery life before I need to find a cord, so can’t use that excuse anymore. I wish it would rain so I would have to go inside or something like that, but it doesn’t rain here. It came close today; there were clouds, then it thundered, then I felt a cool breeze, then I closed my car windows—but that was as close as it got to actually raining. Everything was ready, but no dice. Then the clouds left and I put the windows back down, put my sunglasses back on, and admitted defeat. So close.

No more.