Final Weirdness

Ok, so finals are in full-swing, the library is filled beyond capacity with zombies armed with laptops and graphing calculators. I have completed 4 of 5 of my final exams, the last of which is on Wednesday. I have been staying away from the library because, frankly, I am tired of studying, and the weather is fine, the sky is blue every day, and I am rewarding myself with a homework siesta and letting the momentum of hard-earned A’s carry me through final week without study. Saturday at midnight there was a celebratory group run that started and ended at my dorm. It took me by surprise when hearing louder chatter than is normal at midnight, I looked out on a crowd of several hundred people milling around in underwear. Weird, I know. Stuff happens. They piled their clothes in a huge pile and filled up a stray Target shopping cart and took off screaming and shouting into the night.

Sunday I half-heartedly devoted to study and textbook reading, but quickly killed that idea when the sun came up and I talked to a few people about doing a spring bike ride through the pine hills near campus. We had a leisurely afternoon ride around 10 miles long, broken often by sitting spells in the shade beside the trail. In spite of our many breaks I managed to get a healthy sunburn.

I thought this Facebook Wall dialogue was kind of funny, sometimes the simplest topics can amuse: