Flagstaff Coffee Shops

Flagstaff has lots of bars and coffee shops. Today I will write about some of the coffee shops.

Starbucks: There are eight of these in town, at my last count. A Starbucks is a good place to go for a comfy coffee experience with fixed factors of high prices, good coffee, and no free wiffy. Sometimes it’s just what I’m looking for, but not very often.

Campus Coffee Bean: A little more like it, more often known as the Coffee Bean. The best coffee shop in Flagstaff to do homework at, period. With seating for 78 people there is ample room to hunker down for several hours at a time and wipe out massive amounts of homework assignments. It’s usually pretty full at all hours of the day and night, so the best strategy is to order a meal and go to work on one of the center tables, while keeping an eye on the peripheral tables with electrical outlets. When one of these coveted seats vacates, I move to the wall for the duration. Food is good, maybe a bit expensive, but well worth it for the food quality and homework efficiency. One quirk—the tables and chairs are all mismatched; not sure why this is. Does the owner frequent house auctions for dining furniture? I guess this way, there’s bound to be the perfect chair for every diner, but it sure takes a while to figure out which one. Free wiffy.

Macy’s: Everything a coffee shop in a western hippy town should be, and my favorite place to go with friends. They roast their own coffee, as many Flag coffee shops do, and the coffee is always good. The best deal in the house is the French press for $3.15; it’s enough premium coffee for a small band. Free wiffy, but it’s always packed too full of happy people to stay all day. Oh yeah, all the stuff on the menu is vegetarian and organic, except the buffalo burgers.

Einstein Bros. Bagels: I eat here several times a week; a bagel with hummus please. Super-good bagels and ok hummus. Potato bagels, green-chile bagels, asiago bagels, honey whole wheat, cinnamon, and plenty other good kinds. Coffee is ok; I eat here because it’s cheap, fast, and convenient. During finals week I got a daily cinnamon and strawberry bagel with a grande coffee during early morning cram sessions. Mmmm, I wish it was finals week again…

Late for the Train: Never liked the name. They have several locations in town but the downtown one is my favorite. With seating for only 8 people at a time, this place is relegated to my favorite place for coffee to go. It’s obvious a lot of effort goes into making the perfect cup of coffee. They have a few saran wrapped pastries to go. There’s always a line at the counter and interesting people sitting on the sidewalk outside.

Bookmans: Ok I know it’s a used book store, but their coffee is acceptable, their seating and atmosphere excellent. It’s a used book store that’s every bit as cool as Barnes and Noble across the street, but without the high prices and preppy workers. Books are very well arranged and they scatter random paraphernalia such as used sporting goods and antiques among the book shelves. The café area is very nice and relaxing. They sell huge cookies made of all natural and organic ingredients without any saturated or trans fats. And they taste good. Sometimes you’ll have to wait for a table, but there’s plenty to do in the meantime. Plan to spend a week here.

Flagstaff Brewery: Better known for brews not made with coffee; in the mornings they serve mostly coffee. It’s the best place to go for coffee alfresco. With shaded tables, free refills, it’s where I go to watch Flagstaff wake up. Good coffee and exceptional pastries.

Panera Bread: Nope, won’t find one in Flagstaff, much to my displeasure upon arriving here. The other coffee shops usually make up for its absence, but some days I just want a Panera Greek Salad with a bottomless coffee or iced tea. Or a Bacon Turkey Bravo or Frontega Chicken Panini. I’ve tried everything on their menu. Even the Tomato Mozzarella Salad. It’s all good. Some weeks I would go there 4-5 times. Ahh, the good life…

Alright, that’s my little coffee report. I have many more cafes to check out in Flagstaff. Maybe I’ll post an updated list when I have visited more coffee shops. But probably not.