Flying Close to the Ground

Another week has flown by in a haze; somehow everything that was supposed to happen happened; the pages of checklists in my orange book are mysteriously completed; a few items were even checked off of my bucket list; another blog post is being pounded out, my mind in a strange sort of relaxation; once again I sit in my chair—exhausted and exhilarated at the same time. The week is over.

I have Fridays off. Completely off. No office hours, no meetings, no obligations. That’s the joke I tell the fool that is myself. In preparation of Friday morning, the full-blackout blinds over the windows and skylights in my room are tightly closed. Friday is the day when I sleep past 6am. This morning I woke up thinking it was 2am and it was 8:00. Bliss. Joy. Blackout blinds will do that. I jumped out of bed, refreshed and excited about a day with nothing to do. I skipped breakfast and went straight to the inbox, attacking email responses pushed off until today. The next task was lining up next week’s homework and getting it done. Since the books were still at my desk in the business college, I drove over there, stopping at a Starbucks for a coffee and veggie sandwich. Marketing was first—I’m a believer in completing tasks in order of smallest to greatest. Philosophy was next. Then it was Networking Security. Accounting will wait until dead last.

I was late for my 12:30 lunch appointment by ten minutes. After a quick lunch with the accounting gang, I went to the student union to meet the rest of the LAA club. We split into teams and drove Flagstaff soliciting donations for an upcoming dodgeball tournament. At 5 we met and put our results into a spreadsheet, then split ways. I had just enough time to drive to the business building, park, and run upstairs for a group meeting for an accounting class. We completed our project in record time, just in time for a club meeting at 7pm. At 8, I was back at the computer hastily drafting more emails and spreadsheets to email out before the weekend. It’s now almost 10, the day is gone, and I am still here.

Tomorrow is more of the same; we’re doing another round of solicitations, hiking Mt. Elden, then I’m meeting other friends in the evening. In the back of my mind the accounting homework still dangles—it’s a huge task that needs to be done soon. But I’ll do it tomorrow, or the next day. It will get done. It’s been warm and sunny for the past few weeks with temps in the low 50s. Not a good year for skiing in Arizona. I’ll gladly take it. Smile