Footloose and Fancy-Rich

It’s been another crazy week. Monday I picked up my friend from the airport and we toured Baltimore. This involves walking the Inner Harbor, gorging on fresh lump crab cakes, and staying alive in the streets around Lexington Market. After dinner we stopped at my place and dropped off luggage then hopped on the subway and rode into DC to do a night walk of the monuments. The monuments are incredible at night, their white marble walls and domes lit up nicely. The air is cool and the sidewalks are emptier of endless tourists. I love DC anytime, but at night it’s especially beautiful.

Tuesday we found a café in Falls Church for breakfast then went back into DC for the day. We visited the Library of Congress, National Botanical Gardens, sculpture gardens, and walked through most of the Smithsonian museums.

Wednesday we traveled to New York City by bus since it’s way cheaper than driving and I didn’t feel up to battling I-95 traffic for six hours each way. The bus was clean and less than full, and we had nice traveling. It was nice to be dropped off on the sidewalk in mid-town without bothering with parking or taking the train into the city. New York was a lot of fun; it’s always fun taking first-timers and showing them the subways and sidewalks full of people. We went without an itinerary other than a hotel room to reach for night.

Wednesday we went to Grand Central Station, Times Square, the Fifth Ave row (Rockefeller Ctr, St. Patrick’s, St. Thomas’, Trump Tower, NY Public Library), and dinner at a little sidewalk Italian place. We rode the Staten Island ferry at sunset. Then back to Times Square after dark to see more lights.

Thursday was another big day. We started in Brooklyn with the Botanic Gardens, Prospect Park, and the Brooklyn Museum (art). Then we went to downtown, walked the financial district and browsed the Union Square green market. The rest of the day we spent in Central Park and the Museum of Natural History. The bus back to DC was slightly late, then there were traffic pileups all the way home…so we got to DC three hours later than planned. I was glad I wasn’t driving.

Friday was a day of rest. My schedule is backing up and I’m a bit concerned about waking up at normal hours when I start work tomorrow..

Saturday I went into DC and ran along the historic C&O Canal past the locks through Georgetown and into Maryland. It’s as scenic as Grand Canyon but in a very different way. I looped back through George Washington University for kabobs and salad at the little roti place I love.

Tomorrow is my first day of official full time employment since August 2008 when I quit work to start college. I’m really looking forward to it.

On a different topic, I really want to write a blog with real creative content as opposed to just relaying events and travels. I’m working on a different approach but it’s not easy changing writing style and putting in more effort for a better post.

Carpe diem!