Free Fallin’

It’s 6:36pm and my first free minutes since I got up this morning at 6am. Students are already waiting for my math session which begins at 7. I’m nursing a double mocha which is definitely a sign of desperation when this happens on a Monday evening. My bean burrito lunch was offset by the fact that I had to bike a mile at high speeds in order to squeeze the trip in between class periods. The math period lasts until 8, then I have a pre-trip meeting at 8:15 on the other end of campus. A girl rode just rode her bike into me, nearly spilling my mocha, as I was walking over here. Maybe that explains my dark mood. So begins another week.

My smart and dependable study partner of the past three semesters collapsed last week in a stress-induced seizure. She’s a bright Intel intern who manages to pull off a staggering combination of work, school, and sorority duties. Needless to say, I am shocked and not a little concerned for my own situation. Is this what happens to overachievers? Not a nice thought.

The director of the department I’m interning in this summer decided to switch companies for something a little more family-friendly. That’s a bit upsetting to me as she was a good friend and I was looking forward to working under her. However, I know the replacement as well, and I am sure things will work out okay. In a few weeks I plan to travel to New Hampshire on an executive shadow trip funded by the university, then I’m headed back to Omaha to the Buffett empire again. As guests of Warren Buffett last fall, some of us got invited back to the Berkshire Hathaway shareholders’ meeting in April, and that’s an invitation you just don’t turn down—never mind that I have a scholarship breakfast to attend in the morning, a golf tournament over lunch, and an evening flight to make it possible. It will be a big day.

And now it’s time to get back to work, more math students are showing up and I need to put on a friendly face and act cool and prepared without being arrogant and overstepping the bounds of my limited knowledge in this field. Will talk more later..