Full Moon over flagstaff

It’s been a few days since I’ve posted anything relevant to Flagstaff and one tiny person who lives there. As usual it’s been an exciting and totally unpredictable week. Last night there was a power outage in of west Flagstaff which covered the entire campus and about 1300 other homes and businesses. My apartment is never completely dark because of all the buildings and parking lots surrounding it, but last night it was nearly pitch black. The only building lit as normal was the new ARD building; it’s a Gold LEEDS building and has its power and water systems on-site. There’s one more reason to build green buildings.

Things really got interesting when a kid in one of the dorms lit a hand sanitizing station on fire. Campus was already overrun with kids outside their dorms in a celebratory mood for not being able to work on homework in their dark rooms or library. The small fire evacuated two large dorms, with the majority of people congregating on the top floor of a nearby parking garage. Some people brought music and battery-powered strobe lights and started an impromptu dance party under the stars. Things get interesting when a few thousand people in high frames of mind gather on a few moments’ notice.

The fire didn’t amount to much, and the students were allowed back in their dorms. The power came on an hour later and the excitement about being outside in 20 degree weather fizzled quickly.

After papering the town with resumes and job applications, I was hired as a tech support person right here at the business college where I attend classes every day. Built in 2006, the College of Business is one of the newest and most modern colleges on campus and I’m very excited about working on the tech team there. It has its own IT department and server equipment which runs the hundreds of computers and thin clients in the building’s labs, offices, classrooms, breakout rooms, and hallways. My responsibilities are to assist faculty and students with computer and network connection issues. I’m looking forward to learning more about the intricacies of networks and computer systems.

I am now Treasurer for the Alumni club, which will be valuable experience working in a non-profit environment, balancing the books as a volunteer and working together with faculty advisors. We now have between 30 and 40 members in the club and weekly meetings can be pretty intense at times. There are lots of details to be planned and lots of help to make them go smoothly. Relay for Life is coming up; that’s a fun event but a lot of work to execute. Our goal this year is to raise $100K among all the student organizations. Last year we raised over $70K, so it should be an attainable goal given the improved economy and much larger student body.

The furniture store had a slow week so there is no work for me this weekend. That’s ok because I have a lot of homework to catch up on before Wednesday when I’m heading north for the weekend. Harlan and I plan to drive up to Bobby and Susan’s in Dillon, CO for a weekend relaxing in the mountains. Maybe it’ll be relaxing; there’s too much fun stuff like skiing and mtn. biking to do… I have much more to write but will truncate it here for now.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!