GC Hike

FYI, folks, I’m planning a little Grand Canyon hike for Tuesday, 5/22. I don’t expect to get very deep into the canyon due to the heat but I might venture down Boucher trail a little ways before completing my rim loop.

I went on a GC hike today, will post more details soon..

The red is my hiking route (counter-clockwise), and I plan to park at the blue marker. Markings are approximate, but I will be following the Waldron, Hermit, Boucher (maybe), Dripping Springs trails and returning on forest roads.

See map below. Click it to go to the actual Google map.


I’ll post here as soon as I get back. I should be back by late Tuesday evening. Absolutely stoked because the weather is awesome and I’ve heard good reviews of this route!

I’m back! Will post more details soon…