Grand Canyon Hike

I’m back! The hike went as planned as mapped, 24 miles and around 5,000’ of climbing. It was very hot and I’m tired.

Hi folks, going on another GC hike Monday, 5/28. As marked it’s around 24 miles, but I might turn around sooner if the heat (100 – 110F) is affecting me. Click map below to go to my original Google map. Markings are approximate at best; I’ll park at Grandview and will be following the Grandview trail down to Horseshoe Mesa, then heading west on Tonto for a few miles before turning around. I plan to loop the mesa on my way back, then return up the Grandview trail.

My goal is to hike the entire Tonto between Hermit and Grandview (roughly 40 miles). I wanted to do the entire span between South Kaibab and Grandview but I don’t have a shuttle for the 10-15 miles between trailheads on the rim, and I don’t feel like hiking it after a 30-mile day in the canyon…so I’m splitting the Tonto and will do the western part some other day.

grandview - tonto - grandview map

I am leaving early and plan to be hiking by 5am; I should be out by noon or shortly after, back in Flagstaff by dark at latest. I’ll update this as soon as I get back. Looks like it’ll be a good day out there!

I’m back!