Happy Idiot

It’s been another long day; I left the room at 9 this morning, stepped inside to change the books in the backpack a few times, and finally returned at 9 in the evening feeling all exhausted and accomplished. Not sure what was accomplished.

It’s been a hectic week without a weekend where can I escape the books for a day or few. On Wednesday I went mountain biking with Alan and Daniel up on Schultz Pass. The Subaru w/bikes made the climb without problems. Friday and Saturday were full days at the furniture store. Friday it rained, the first real rain in over two months. That was awesome. It turned to snow in the evening, snowing sporadically on Saturday, whiting the mountains but leaving nothing in town.

Sunday I spent a good share of the day writing a computer program for a class assignment. I enjoy it and have good grades in this class, but sometimes run short on patience with the debugging process. My program has several bugs at this point, but I’ll probably ignore them given that I have a 102% in this class to date and can spare quite a few lost points to keep an A.

I chose my classes for next semester on Monday. I’ll be taking pre-calculus, macro-economics, managerial accounting, anthropology, quantitative methods, and a critical reading and writing class on literature, lives, and choices. I was admitted into the Honors program a few weeks ago, making me officially a nerd. I now have higher requirements in math, reading, writing, and diversity than a non-Honors degree, hence the pre-calc, anthropology, and writing classes. I have classes 5 days a week from 8 AM to 6:45 PM (8 – 11 Friday), with a few hours off in the middle of the day when I plan to work a job. It will definitely be a challenge. If nothing else, I am learning the skills of time management and obligation juggling well.

And that’s about all I want to bore this audience with. As promised, something interesting did turn up by Friday, I found a nice set of tele skis at a thrift store in town for only $60. A new set of skis and bindings run around $500. These are long, fat, shaped skis with free-heel bindings designed for riding deep powder up and down big mountains. I hope I get time to use them.