Hello Spring…

Hello friends. Once again I’m feeling a small amount of remorse for not posting something sooner. Nothing outstanding has happened and I know you don’t require me to write here, but perhaps a blog brings with it a certain obligation to provide interesting and frequent updates from your blogger. I’ll start with the weather, and hopefully think of more exciting stuff after that.

The last two weeks have been mild and spring-like with several days in the 70s. Last Sunday we played volleyball all afternoon in bare feet, snow is gone, and I am ready for spring, although I sometimes feel just a little bit like I may have been cheated out of winter. Glimpses of online statuses have told me that weather in PA is still predominantly miserable, but getting warmer, weather in Louisiana is warm and comfortable, spring is beginning in Indiana, and in Zimbabwe weather is perfect as usual –but maybe a bit too perfect to prevent monotony. Rain is something that only comes to Flagstaff during August thunderstorms and January snowstorms I have concluded. My car is constantly covered with dust and everything is dry even after 2 feet of snow.

I just got back from camping. Yes, although nights are still chilly in Flagstaff, the lower areas of Arizona are warming up nicely. This time we went to a tiny place called Grand Canyon Caverns near Seligman, Arizona. Seligman is the kind of town that I did not know existed until moving to Arizona—a perfect Route 66 town complete with old panel trucks on blocks under long-ago closed service station roofs and ancient cafes such as the Roadkill Cafe. And there are even real cowboys here; the ruggedly splendid Marlboro type, 6’3 with a 27 inch waist and side-profile-view of a 2 x 6, slightly bowlegged wearing straight Wrangler jeans and the high-heeled boots with spurs, clean shaven face except for a huge mustache, and a hat big enough to water a horse—the Barbie dolls of cowboys.

Camping was interesting, with several first-time-camping-outside-r’s in our group of 17. Setting up a tent, building a fire, sleeping in a sleeping bag—all things I take for granted about camping can be brand new and exciting adventures for others. A breeze flapping a tent could be a ghost, mountain lion, the Grim Reaper; nothing is ruled out for a first-time camper with a grand imaginations. That said, I had a very enjoyable night outside, the sky was clear and the stars were bright with nothing for miles around to impugn their illumination.

This afternoon I dedicated to domestic duties; I have four loads of laundry in the works as I type this, I cleaned the car, and am tidying up my humble room in a silly attempt to stave off homework for a few hours. I have two midterm exams on Wednesday of next week that I have yet to study for, a four page paper is due Monday in English class—not started yet, and I have a Chinese essay (my first) due on Tuesday or Wednesday. Monday’s are too busy to study, so that leaves me with today, tomorrow, and Tuesday between 10pm and midnight to wrap it up.