Hello World

This week’s been a marathon of classes, meetings, and events, and it’s only Tuesday. I have forgotten how hectic a real semester is. I’m sore from all the biking, not the mountain climbing kind, the ride-in-packs-of-freshmen type where I’m continuously threading a maze of people and bikes and cars and curbs and traffic signals with a backpack full of expensive textbooks. This year has a record 3,500 incoming freshman, many of them stumbling around campus map in hand. It feels pretty good to be not a freshman. Enrollment is up over 23,000 this year, a significant increase from last year. I guess things can only go up in Arizona… Lines at the bookstore and food places reflect the increase in attendance. I’ve revived my Google Calendar account in order to keep track of constant schedule changes. Yesterday afternoon I dedicated to going around Flagstaff collecting signatures from my bank, employer, and motor vehicle department for my residence petition to the State of Arizona. It was a full afternoon, but I got what I needed to complete my petition.

Yesterday evening was the first meeting of the entrepreneurs here on campus; I’ve been friends with the founder since its inception a year ago. We’ve had several local business owners in to talk about their businesses, and now we’re hooked up with a hotel organization and a local business association which bring lots of new ideas to our meetings.

This morning I got up early and took my quite thick packet of documents to Kinko’s to get it notarized, but alas, they no longer provided this service. A short bike ride later I was at UPS Store but their notary was off for the day. They sent me over to Wells Fargo, who told me they couldn’t do it unless I had an account there. Ok, get me an account, then. I didn’t like how I had to physically take my checks to the bank to deposit them at my current bank. After confirming that I could make ATM deposits from campus, I agreed to open an account. After all, the guy said it would only take 5 minutes. But first, I had to wait for the bankers to finish their monthly meeting, after all I was just a broke student who would probably never keep more than $200 in the account. Surprise! they couldn’t process new accounts at this branch, but they would be glad to walk me down the street to a branch that could help me. I already had my papers notarized and I nearly bolted. Then they offered me $50 if I would finish the application. An hour and a half later I walked out, a free man again, holding my packet of freshly notarized papers.

Back to the apartment for a quick lunch and books for Chinese class, then a ride off across campus again. After 50 minutes of feeling lost in Chinese class, I made a hasty trip to the registrar’s office to drop off my finally-complete residency petition. It’s now up to powers that be to determine whether college costs me $30,000 or $5,000 a year. I forgot to do my math homework yesterday, so I did it in record time this afternoon, dropping into my seat in class at the last minute. The room was too hot for me to concentrate, I need to go over the content again tonight. Then it was off to computer programming class where I nearly nodded off and kept checking the time every 5 minutes… Tonight I only have an alumni meeting, a computer program to write, accounting homework, dinner to hunt down, and two economics quizzes that must be done before 11:45.

I think that’s enough thinking out loud to bore anyone. I had fifteen minutes and I used most of it to write this blog? Maybe it’s a form of therapy that allows me to divide and conquer tasks after holding them out in perspective in front of others. Whatever, I’ve got a meeting to go to now.