Here and There

I miss Phoenix. I went there for a wedding today. It was warm—hot, actually. I didn’t mind. The drive there and back never gets old and saguaro forests still fascinate me. I even saw a javelina, and I saw a herd of gazelles before, too. It was a good day.

One thing I like about Phoenix is its many car wash businesses. I can get my car hand washed for $5 on almost any street, so there’s really no reason to drive a dirty car. The streets are dry so my car stays clean all day. In Flagstaff the streets are often dusty from cinders or wet with fresh snow. The few car washes here charge $25 for the same $5 Phoenix wash. I don’t bother.

I think there are more singles in Phoenix restaurants and cafes. In Flagstaff, people go out in huddles. I guess the cool singles are afraid to venture out alone, or maybe they don’t exist in Flagstaff. There are a few singles in Flagstaff but they’re flat broke. Broke, as in no money and no prospects. It’s discouraging, really. I realize my perspective is skewed because I’m pretty selective of who I hang out with, but I don’t think that’s something to apologize for. The culture is definitely different here than what I grew up in. Some things I like, and some things I still haven’t accepted. Oh, well.

Classes are going good. We had a career fair Thursday but it wasn’t convenient for me, so I didn’t go. I had a fitness class over the first half of the fair, and I would’ve had to rush across town, shower, change into my suit, and drive back before it closed. So I went home and caught up on homework. I have a final exam this week to close out one class early, then it’s spring break, then I’m on the home stretch of my college career. All of a sudden, I’m ready to be done. I’m trying to keep it together to finish up my last semester strong.

Spring break plans are getting fuzzier. I had a trip planned to northern California, but then my tax preparation got delayed and the price of gas jumped up by a dollar. I think I might stay in Arizona and relax work instead. And go mountain biking.

I fixed my bike tire this weekend, which was still flat from biking in cactus country. The trails are dry and dusty, and daytime temps are climbing into the 60s… so I’m getting all excited about this.

Keep it classy!