Hi again

Hi again. This week’s major project is to make a persuasive video about why drivers should not use cell phones while driving. And again, my mind is blank. That is why I am typing in my blog and not my assignment.

There are three people in our group, two girls and myself. We lament the lack of time given to choose a topic, but are resolved to do the best possible with the resources that are available. This project is for English class and you may ask why are we making a video in English class? The short answer is that it’s to learn effective use of narration and visual cues to present an argument. That’s all I have to say about that.

Positive things are happening in my life. Last week I won a $1,000 scholarship with no strings attached. No formal banquet to attend, no essay to write. I wrote a letter of thanks to the donor yesterday. The scholarship was for outstanding academic achievement and community involvement in my freshman year. I hope to get many more. Chinese is going well this year. The aces of last semester dropped out, leaving me at the top of the class. I enjoy learning the language and hope that I am actually learning something I won’t forget after I am no longer exposed to daily classes.

Today was summer. I woke up to warm weather and left the jacket home for the day. I just got back from a 9pm run in my mesh t-shirt under starry skies. I’m just reminding you all how awesome Flag weather is…

Tonight I had an NAU Entrepreneur meeting. Tomorrow I am attending a speech by the CEO of S-Oil Corp. of South Korea. That should be interesting; then it’s an LAA meeting in the evening. I work at Habitat on Thursday. On Saturday the Vienna Boys Choir from Austria will be singing on campus, and I may check out their performance if I am not too behind on homework.