Holiday Road

The fire alarm just went off, kicking me out of my room for the second time this summer. It was false again, from someone cooking up on the third floor, but we have to wait until the fire department gets here and shuts off the alarm and inspects the building. So after 15 minutes we get to go back inside and continue life as before.

My holiday of a year may be coming to an end. I now have a part-time job working in a furniture store, helping to assemble furniture and arrange it in the showroom, making deliveries, etc. Yesterday I helped make a delivery to the studio of Baje Whitethorne, a famous internationally-known Navajo artist who lives in Flagstaff. He recently built a new two-story house, and uses the entire house for his studio. His paintings are amazing depictions of canyons and Navajo huts, dancers, and bright patterns. The brightly colored paintings were breathtaking, even more so when I found out their value. He had several paintings worth over $100,000 each, laying around in stacks, some unfinished, some hanging on the walls. He was looking for a stapler to finish a painting and told me to help him look for it, wanted me to dig through his stacks of paintings and equipment, but I didn’t want to touch his stuff, didn’t really want to be fingering $40,000 paintings. Baje also does bronze sculpture and has written several children’s books. If you want to buy this art, you’ll have to go to Japan to get it; it’s sold over there to maintain its value. And, on the topic of art, I may have a second job as docent/web designer/fixtures at an art museum here in town. I’m crossing my fingers; I really want the job.

That’s about all that is new and exciting in my life. Lonetta gets home from Africa today, is already in Pennsylvania I guess, and I plan to meet her in Arkansas over the weekend. That’s another thing; I have a lot of homework and essays to finish before I can leave this town for a while, and I need to keep busy all the time. Tomorrow I start track and field workouts. No, I’m not on a team, but I found a T & F guy who’s offered to teach me the basics of running. Tomorrow morning the plan is to run at the stadium. In the bleachers. Yes, that’s right. One leg at a time, hop all the way up, hop back down, run the stairs backwards, forwards. I’m already sore thinking about it. Good night everyone, I’m hitting the hay.