I Cleaned House

It’s true. I pushed a vacuum cleaner around my tiny apartment. It’s the first time anything of this magnitude has happened since I moved here in August. I took the broom and dustpan over the floor a few times getting the bulky stuff cleaned up or pulverized enough so that it vanished into the carpet, but never got too serious about removing the small stuff. Three weeks ago I announced to Paul that I was thinking about the possibility of checking out a vacuum and cruising around a little. He said that would be ok with him. So, today -during an industrious streak after a pot of coffee, I finally surrendered my ID card at the front desk in exchange for a gleaming industrial grade vacuum sweeper. I proudly rolled it back to my room and plugged it in. It really is quite a machine –it sucked up nearly everything that fit under its front bumper, paper clips, bottle tabs, and various other large unidentifiable objects.

I cranked the beaters all the way down and drove the beast over the tiled bathroom and kitchen floor with wonderful results. Once again they have that long lost gleam of cleanliness. It even smells good in here thanks to some Bath & Body Works stuff that the guy next door brings home from his job at the store in the mall. I successfully vacuumed off my desk and the table and the kitchen counter. It’s a pretty versatile machine. A vacuum in a college dorm complex must have an interesting life indeed. Vacuuming was so much fun I’ll have to try it a little more often. But not too often; ‘clean-freak’ is a scary label to have. Some of my friends broke up with their roommates when they got that label…