I want rain.

Hi from the warm and sunny and pleasant part of Arizona. Where day after day passes without a cloud in the sky. Where the air is clear and clean and the stars are bright at night. I love it here and am a little sad to be leaving so soon.

I’m also excited about having a new community to explore, a new position at a firm I like, bright colleagues to get acquainted with, and new adventures in our nation’s capital city. I love working in a high energy environment with unlimited opportunity. At heart I’m still the calculating accountant, though, where a more than quadrupled cost of living gives me pause for caution. Just parking my car will cost almost as much as I’m currently paying for rent.

Now that I have that off my mind (not really) I can move on to this week’s journal entry. I’ve been working full weeks and enjoying it immensely. I don’t get much time to study for CPA exams but I’m not paranoid anymore. I feel solid, like maybe going to classes in college every day wasn’t such a bad idea now. Most of the content I’ve already learned at some point in the past two years and the recall function still seems to be working, surprisingly. Today I plan to do a few hours of review and probably let it rest until next weekend. This is the strategy I’ve used to ace the hardest accounting exams—sometimes it worked.

At the office we’ve all really gotten into disc golf kind of suddenly. We discovered that most of us like the sport so we went out to the nearby course over lunch one day. That sealed the deal, and now we’re obsessed with it. We play during lunch hours, on weekends, and even have a tourny/barbecue planned for next weekend already. We are pretty evenly matched and are all improving with each game. Scores can swing so we never know who will win. I’ve attached a scorecard from a recent match below.


And that’s the week’s update. Stay cool!