In Search of Burritos

Neglecting the blog is a guilty pleasure for me. I’m finally getting adjusted to my new home and went for a fast nine mile trail loop of mostly singletrack. In spite of the wind. The last two days have been windy and unpleasant to ride in but I still did the loop in 45 minutes. My goal is half an hour. There are more short canyonland singletrack trails close to my new home, but I’m further away from the steep mountain trails.

Last week were finals and Moab mountain biking. I met up with Bobby and Susan K. and rode Porcupine Rim with them. Once again I underestimated the tremendous landscape in view of the six hour drive required to get there. The trip there only took five hours due to the fact that I drove it in the middle of the night and didn’t get stopped by a forest fire like I did on the way home. The Moab stay was wonderful; I wish I could have gotten there earlier and ridden more with Bobby and Susan. I stayed my second night at the Lazy Lizard and was, for the first of my dozen nights spent there, disheartened by the place. It was my first-ever stay in the house, in a bunk bed, in a room with four others. The roommates were very sociable and we would have ridden together had I stayed another day (I could have climbed in Indian Creek with them). The complaints I had this time were mainly about the dirt and lack of maintenance. What’s a little sand on the floor in Moab? First of all, there was no parking; the place was jammed. Then the showerhead flew off and hit me when I turned on the shower. After several attempts to reattach the showerhead, I resorted to getting wet under a single jet of water. Several of the outdoor showers were mysteriously out of order, as were the toilets. One of the workers tried to route me out of my prized bottom bunk, but I held, and he climbed sulking to the top. Then I was scared he would steal my stuff when I was asleep. I figure I got my nine dollars worth and not much more.

Thursday I rode up Amasa Back. I wasn’t sore and the climb wasn’t nearly as long as I remembered from riding it previously. I rode down the Jackson singletrack, which snakes along narrow ledges high above the river. Several places I walked the bike rather than risk a mishap and a plunge to the river. Spectacular trail. Not wanting another chaotic night at the hostel, I decided to head back to Flagtown and attend commencement instead of riding another day.

Friday afternoon, I took a trip to IKEA and returned with my car loaded to the gills with craftily engineered particle-board furniture. The next few days were spent assembling and filling cases and shelves, and organizing my room. With skiing, biking, climbing, camping, and all my school gear this was not an easy task. Glad it’s done. Friday was also the day I found a good vegetarian burrito. I’ve tried many of the Mexican and NAU shops, but none has really struck my fancy until Friday. This one has just the right amount of cilantro, light on the goo, beans and rice done to perfection. Numm-num.

I’ve been working a lot of hours at the furniture store. Today I had a physical to keep my CDL drivers license active. Not sure if I’ll ever drive big rigs again, but I like to keep my options open. Perhaps more importantly, it forces me to get to a doctor every two years; I would never go otherwise. Got a clean bill of health, still have 20/10 vision in both eyes. Since I’m old now, some of these things will start to go. Well, I have time for a quick run yet, then it’s my bedtime. Looks like the wind has died down. Later…