In the Winter Time

It’s winter, I guess, and it is strange to be this far into the new year without snow or even really much cold. I can still run on the canal path beside the river without getting cold and I am trying to run all of the canal path inside the beltway and I only have one mile left. If I weren’t so lazy I could be out on the bike. We haven’t had snow yet in D.C. and this is probably the way I like it because I can’t imagine how bad it must get when all the cars that can’t fit on the roads in fair weather try to follow their same paths in poor weather; that would be disaster trust me although skiing would be nice but that’s a laugh because there aren’t any mountains here only lots and lots of people.

Christmas came and went and with it a very relaxing week. I went to folks’ place on Christmas Eve and did a little hiking and a lot of lazing around. On Friday I thought I would like to run on the beach today because it was a nice clear day so I went to Delaware and did just that because it isn’t far from my house anymore and the roads were empty and I wanted to go although I didn’t actually do much running because I was bundled up because it was cold and windy but at least I could smell the salt and look for shells and starfish and crabs and that was refreshing as always except I was froze to the core and pretty soon I was ready to go inside so I found a coffee house for a big steaming cup of Earl Grey with honey afterwards.

Saturday we had our company holiday party. It was moved to after New Year this year to better accommodate everyone’s holiday plans, and this seemed like a good thing from what I heard. I enjoyed the night. The event was held in a formal ballroom in downtown D.C. with vaulted ceilings and huge pillars and it was really something to see and everyone was dressed very formally which was exactly the opposite of Phoenix holiday parties where we dressed in jeans and sipped drinks by the pool under palm trees on a warm starry December night but this was fun too because it’s nice when everyone is dressed to a tee and there’s ballroom dancing and lots of food and everyone is well watered and in a festive mood because it’s Saturday night and another successful year is in the books.

Today I got on the subway without a plan and got off at Farragut West and started wandering in the direction of Dupont Circle because that’s where the yuppies live and that’s where the best coffee houses are and it’s really too bad that there isn’t good coffee elsewhere but Dupont is always fun because there’s so much going on and today was no disappointment because I got to see the inauguration construction and look at all the bullet-proof glass and walk around the White House grounds not on them of course but really close and saw a press conference in the Rose Garden and kept walking and saw my favorite pizza place and had to get a slice then went to Filter which really is D.C.’s best coffeehouse but there are never any empty seats and even very little standing room which is really pretty cool if you think about it and got a macchiato which is straight espresso with a little milk and perfect art in the crema and life was pretty good for a while then found a bookstore which was awesome and I want to go back but then there was a used bookstore next door which was even better and I bought books because I always do and put them in my backpack and kept walking this time over to Chinatown because I wanted to check out the National Portrait Gallery which is in a rough neighborhood and now it’s my new favorite museum and I could spend a day there easily and probably will someday but not today because it was already dark and the sidewalks were filling up with homeless people bedding down and all stirred up at the same time because the Redskins were playing which always changes things in the city so it was a little tense walking but I kept going and my backpack was getting heavy because it was full of books so I was glad to get back on the subway and ride home with my backpack on the floor.