Another week has come and is nearly gone, and I remain, more or less, in the same state as in the last week. The externship in Phoenix on Monday was a success; this time I got to meet quite a few first-year hires and ask them about their experiences. We got a more extensive office tour, but spent most of the day sitting in the corner conference room with bottled water and catered lunch. Thankfully the chairs were comfortable and the presentations were fairly interesting. The day ended with an ice cream social in the lunch room with many professionals present to talk to. I already like this firm’s people, but still have others to check out before focusing on a single company for a future career.

Yesterday I made an appointment with a professor who has extensive experience working in public accounting on computer audits and consulting, and gained more insight on how best to combine my IT interests with public accounting. Demand seems to be high for this combination of skills, but the best jobs in this field are probably with one of the Big 4 accounting firms. I like the culture of smaller firms, but have yet to step foot inside one of the big firms. My combination of skills seems to be more suited to consulting or business analysis than tax or auditing. So that’s a sample of what I’ve been trying to work through in the past few weeks talking with different accounting firms about next summer and beyond.

Once again I will be moving sometime this week or the next or the next. I still have a month to leave, but don’t want to wait until the last minute or I may end up in the “Dirty Verde” neighborhood just south of the tracks. I’ve been thinning my stuff in hopes of paring it down to one or two carloads like it was when I first moved here. As usual, I don’t have time to move, so doing it in a few hours is getting to be the norm. Yes, there is a method to moving…and I really wish I wasn’t writing about this again… sigh.

A key externship at the end of August got pushed back a few days—just long enough for me to realize that I now have a schedule opening long enough to fly back to Pennsylvania for a few days. Then I checked ticket prices and saw that they are below $300 for a RT ticket—as low as I’ve ever seen them. In other words, everything is aligned for me to visit family in a few weeks, but I am not going to. Because I promised to work all the month of August, so I need to stick with it. Besides, Pennsylvania is way too hot for this boy. I can’t stand humidity; never did like it, and now, living without it is grand.

Classes are going well. Management class is a lot of fun. I still have the official homecoming t-shirt to design before August (long story how I got saddled with this job), and a jillion other things to do outside of class work. Sunday we went up to the Snowbowl ski area but the ski lift was closed because of lightning danger. We hung out on the deck a while before heading back to Flag and Casa Bonita for dinner.

Things are shaping up to be another incredibly busy semester. Each semester I begin thinking it will be last hectic one, but it never turns out that way. They always turn out to be hectic, and the next one is even more so. Next week I have another Humphrey’s hike planned, with potentially a move to squeeze in there somewhere. I will be meeting with advisors (so many advisors…) to finagle internship credit from my help desk job. I have another computer I’m trying to clean of viruses and malware. I dug an old Linux box out of the closet and put it to work as a bench machine. Now I can take on viruses head-on without worrying about killing my good computer… and without going through the hassle of trying to stop a virus from within the affected computer. As is so typical, the computer is not backed up and I run the risk of wiping all data. Please back up your computers. Even when they are working…