It’s been another one of those weeks – good, challenging, inspiring, gray. The cold continues. Spring is maddeningly close. Days slide by without a shadow.

Today (Saturday) was sunny, windy, and not warm. The Girl and I have bike keys (another DC milestone) so we rode around the monuments and walked through Georgetown.

I spent the last few days in Chicago on a work-related trip. Like many things, traveling becomes easier with practice. Packing takes less time, airport parking is less of a chore, taxis are less intimidating but just as frustrating, and long days become more manageable. Airports are friendlier, recycled air less appalling, hotels more predictable, checking out less frantic.

Flying into DCA at night is interesting. First the lights and nonsensical street patterns, then the National Cathedral come into view. The plane goes around restricted airspace, doing a few tight turns low to the ground. For a split second between turns the Washington Monument is lined up with the Lincoln Memorial, Reflecting Pool, the Mall and Capitol, then we’re on the ground. With a little luck and a good shuttle driver I can make it from gate to bed in 20 minutes.

So that’s the week in a nutshell. Hopefully my next post won’t be as tardy…


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