Just a Dream

It’s been an incredible week in Phoenix—a great start to the summer. I’ll do a short play by play and then wander off to other topics or close the post.

As stated in last week’s post, orientation was Monday at the firm. I was one of four interns starting for the firm now, so we all went through orientation together. (I’m the only intern in my service department.) This involved getting our laptops, getting trained on intranet use, and various other trainings on technology, policy, etc. We split up and went to nice restaurants with our respective teams for a long lunch.

Tuesday was orientation with my team and the client I worked at this week. We had a morning meeting at Starbucks and moved to the client’s site for the remainder of the week. There’s usually a Starbucks on the ground floor or next door, so we take frequent coffee breaks and short forays into the blistering Phoenix outdoor climate. The nature of the work is such that almost everything is done at the client’s site so we don’t have assigned cubes at the main office. During the few hours a month spent there, we claim cubicle space by hoteling. Friday, we moved back to the office for a catered lunch and a short period of work in the afternoon before going home early.

The summer is going to fly by. I’m enjoying work immensely and like being with the brightest and best in the industry. Being away from constant homework is different, too. I still have the mentality of finishing work at night, but, of course, the work doesn’t go home with me. This leaves me pleasant evenings that I spend hiking nearby mountains, laying beside the pool, or soaking in the hot tub. In short, life is good.

I drove up to Flagstaff for the weekend. It’s cool here, almost cold compared to Phoenix. A friend is on his way from Phoenix and we plan to do some mountain biking in the next day or two. I brought laundry along, and a mountain of shirts to iron, so I’ve been occupied with domesticity most of the day so far. More scholarships came my way, so I wrote thank you letters this morning. I have a bio to write and a profile to build on the company website so I’ve been drafting those docs to post later next week. Then there’s a whole list of things to do when I have everything else done, which is actually turning into a big list of things that need to be done now. It’s so pleasant now in Flagstaff, I have a hard time sitting at the desk all day and tackling this stuff. I really have to get back to work… Later!